“Seek for knowledge as you are never done learning.”

Salesforce Certified 7x | Marketing Cloud Consultant/Developer | Salesforce Platform Developer

Few words about me…

My name is Valeriu Moraru.

I would like to think about myself as an open-minded person who is working hard in silence and letting success be my noise.

I think all of us owe to the next generation to tell our stories whether it is through books or through storytelling or through a blog.

You know what a waste of a life is if you go through life and you don’t share what you have learned.

During my life journey, I am trying to keep in mind the following things in order to improve personal effectiveness:
1: Be proactive
2: Begin with the end in mind
3: Put first things first
4: Think Win/Win
5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood
6: Synergize
7: Find the proper balance between actually producing and improving the capability to produce

your success is my success.

Helping clients move to new horizons.

I am contactable and approachable, and most importantly I work hard to create the best solution that delivers real tangible returns for you.

I am not just a consultant or a developer, I am a person who understands business and works hard at understanding your requirements to create effective solutions for you to almost any budget.

I get a personal approach to every client, so we will take into account your individual needs. Regardless of what is important for you – price, quality, or execution terms – We will find the best combination of these three features so that you remain satisfied by real results.

Let’s do it together!

Let’s Do It Together

Ready To Move To New Horizons?

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